Elizabeth Sullivan is a staff writer who covers health & fitness, science, and opinion pieces for Tycoono. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in creative writing while double-minoring in health sciences and studio art. When she’s not writing, she enjoys watching bad horror movies with friends.


The Bright Side to Stress

So, you’re feeling stressed. The good news is that it’s completely normal. Arguably too normal? Based on a survey distributed in 2017, around 45% of Americans frequently experience symptoms of stress, with another 35% reporting occasional symptoms. Those are some scary percentages if your understanding of stress is entirely negative. But is there a silver…


The Impact of Coffee on Your Body

To the disappointment of tea drinkers and soda enthusiasts everywhere, today we’re discussing one of the most profitable and versatile caffeinated beverages on the planet. Take a minute to breathe it in– the rich, earthy scent of beans, the silky smoothness of fresh cream, the tangy bitterness of espresso. That’s right folks, today we’re talking…