First and foremost, Sophia is a full-time mom of two little ones. Her degree is in Business Management, but her passion is writing and helping others. She is an author, lifestyle staff writer, blogger, advocate for children with hearing loss, and founder of a non-profit organization. She continues to persevere, and follow her true passions.

how customer expectations are changing

How Customer Expectations are Changing in 2022

Every marketer and entrepreneur won’t dispute the fact that customer expectations are not constant. They are constantly changing. And if you can predict these changes and act accordingly, you may not be in business in the long run. Today’s article will discuss how customer expectations are changing in 2022.     A recent report from Google…

Decision to Own vs. Rent a Home

The Decision to Own vs. Rent a Home

Owning your own home might be one of the defining qualities of the “American Dream”.This set of ideals includes the opportunity for prosperity and success. And upward social mobility for the family and children achieved through hard work. Certainly, homeownership is ingrained as one of the strongest representations of that vision. Interestingly, many Americans own…


Getting Divorced? Must-Know Real Estate Basics Prior To Selling Your Family Home

Divorce   The dreaded “D” word- Divorce.  Unfortunately, it happens. And the process of going through a divorce is not easy.  Even the most amicable separations are plagued with disappointment, lack of communication, and failed expectations.  In the best-case scenario, two people who are dissolving their union will work together to resolve their differences productively…