Our Digital Marketing Strategy

A recent report revealed that nearly 50 percent of businesses don’t have a clearly defined online marketing strategy to steer their digital marketing efforts. This means many market leaders are investing their time, money, and resources in paid digital marketing services without a well-planned approach for goal setting and achievement, task prioritization, marketing direction, and budget and resource allocation.

Our Marketing Strategies Consider Your Unique Industry

Six top considerations when choosing a digital strategy partner

Web Audit Practices

A reputable marketing strategy company runs a complete digital marketing audit, provides transparent site audit results, and clarifies website issues and technical processes. Additionally, a reliable digital strategy firm uses advanced SEO audit tools to ensure all campaign details and recommendations are accurate. At Tycoono, we explain technical jargon and drill down your website audit report so you have a clear understanding of where your money goes and what’s happening in your campaign.

eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Many marketers have entered the eCommerce marketplace, but only a few truly understand its demands, limitations, and potential. If you’re building your eCommerce strategy or still solidifying your social media marketing plan for your online store, it’s imperative that you choose a digital marketing strategy agency with years of experience in eCommerce Optimization. Our marketing strategy company has more than 15 years of experience in various areas of eCommerce marketing strategy development, including eCommerce PPC, eCommerce SEO, and eCommerce Web Design.

Online Marketplace Advertising Plan

Are you a third-party retailer on Amazon, Target Plus, or Walmart Marketplace? To improve your profitability and ensure your Amazon marketing strategy adheres to the marketplace standards, be sure to consult with a digital strategy firm that is well-versed in the demands and restrictions of various online marketplace platforms. More importantly, partner with a digital marketing agency with proven expertise and experience in developing and executing Amazon PPC strategy, Amazon branding strategy, and online marketplace advertising plans.

Marketing Flexibility

Do you cater to other businesses, investors, decision-makers, or consumers? A trustworthy digital strategy consultant formulates a social media marketing business plan and digital marketing techniques that adapt to client demands and changing market conditions. Whether you need help developing a B2B social media strategy, B2C social media strategy, or other digital marketing strategies, our internet marketing strategy consultants can assist you.

Advertising Strategy

Promoting your products and services online requires cutting-edge organic and paid search strategies to rise above the din and attract customer attention. However, only a few marketing strategy agencies can effectively produce and implement both Google AdWords strategy and organic digital marketing techniques. Tycoono comprises a team of industry specialists knowledgeable in various online advertising solutions, including Facebook ads strategy, social media content strategy, and SEM strategy creation.

SEO Website Strategy

A dependable internet strategy consultant examines all aspects of your web design and SEO performance to determine all factors that affect your website accessibility and hinder your online growth. Beware of a digital strategy agency that delves right into search optimization without discussing your responsive web design issues. At Tycoono, our SEO website strategy recommendations also tackle the important tasks of fixing website problems and preventing them.

6 Key Areas of Focus for Digital Marketing Strategy Development


1. Brand and Business

Evaluates the level of your digital presence, including competitive position, online reputation, and customer relationship management (CRM).

2. Content and Engagement

Assesses your brand engagement, social media marketing strategy, email marketing strategy, and content strategy SEO performance, etc.

3. Internal Team or Partners

Determines your capacity to generate online marketing ideas and perform necessary web optimization processes.

4. Technology and Software Integration

Identifies your organization’s major challenges in tracking campaign performance metrics.

5. Lead Sources

Determines your key traffic sources and the availability of essential marketing channels.

6. Success Measurement

Evaluates your campaign performance based on factors such as customer lifetime value (CLV), lead volume, and website traffic.

Why Choose Tycoono for Your Digital Marketing Plan

Leverage Our Industry Expertise and Knowledge

Multidisciplinary Team

Our digital strategy firm comprises a team of digital marketing consultants with vast experience and expertise in various areas of strategy development, including B2B social media strategy, AdWords strategy, Amazon advertising strategy, Shopify marketing strategy, and SEO audit service. We invest in training and seminars to ensure we stay on top of industry developments and generate innovative digital marketing ideas and SEO strategies.

No Commitment Necessary

With our digital marketing strategy agency, you don’t have to commit to our digital strategy services. You have the option to take our social media marketing plan and corporate marketing strategy and implement them yourself, work with another marketing strategy company or come back to us and allow our digital strategy consultant to execute the online marketing and social media marketing plan.

Established Reputation

At Tycoono, we don’t simply run a digital marketing audit and leave you wondering what to do next. Our internet strategy consultant performs a thorough web audit, analyzes the audit results, identifies issues, provides growth projections, and formulates strategic action plans to guide your digital marketing process. Over the years, we’ve helped numerous businesses with their eCommerce marketing plan, link-building strategies, social media strategy services, and other marketing strategies – we can do the same for you.

Unified Plan Across Delivery Teams

From your B2B social media strategy and Shopify marketing strategy to your corporate marketing plan, all these digital marketing strategies should be centered on your primary goal(s) to create a unified marketing strategy plan. Our digital strategy consultant determines your brand objectives and works closely with each delivery team to ensure all social media strategy planning and internet marketing strategy development align with your branding and are focused on hitting your goals.

Custom Marketing Strategy Packages

Our marketing and content strategy agency offers custom marketing strategy development packages based on your digital marketing budget, business objectives, total annual revenue, and number of service locations. Get in touch with our marketing strategy consultant to find out more about the package inclusions and pricing options of our online marketing and social media strategy services.

Holistic Strategy Approach

We believe that a well-structured digital marketing plan is what sets a thriving company apart from the competition. As such, we ensure all areas of your brand marketing are addressed. Depending on the results of your site audit and your marketing needs, your marketing mix may include social media content strategy, eCommerce marketing plan, or SEO audit services. We also offer small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) an enterprise SEO strategy and a corporate marketing plan to capture all market segments.